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Expert Concussion Care

United Neurology specializes in neurological diagnosis and full concussion rehabilitation at our neurology clinics in Atlanta and near Atlanta. We offer innovative and compassionate care to persons who have experienced neurotrauma, stroke, brain injury, and other nervous system disorders. Our specialists provide top-notch comprehensive management and consultation at the most affordable price.

We have a network of specially trained neurologists in Atlanta. Our team comprises headache specialists, surgeons, physical therapists, diagnostic specialists, and other medical practitioners with full certification. They are well-experienced and research practitioners who are licensed and qualified.

At United Neurology Clinic, our equipment is world standard and efficient enough to serve our patients irrespective of gender, age, or class. We use the best medical procedures and methods to help relieve our patients from symptoms of nerve or brain disorders.

We understand the peculiarity of every patient’s body system, so we take our time to listen to complaints and symptoms. Our great communication strategy helps us connect deeper with patients and recommend the most suitable treatment procedure.

United Neurology strives to be your last stop for adequate central and peripheral nervous system problems.

We believe that your ability to pay should never be a deterrent to your access to high quality care. We accept insurance, self pay, as well as care on lien.

We ease pain and improve lives!

→ Our Mission

As a patient-centered neurology clinic, we strive to support and care for patients with brain injuries with a state of the art medical practice with research and innovative and compassionate care. We take pride in providing medical care to all patients regardless of their ability to pay. Serving the uninsured and underinsured equally.

→ Our Values

✓ Quality Service
We strengthen our region’s healthcare system by providing the premier neurological rehabilitation in and around the Atlanta area.
✓ Teamwork
At United Neurology, we have a team of specialists to provide better patient outcomes and achieve long term recovery.
✓ Patient-Centered
Our doctors, specialists and neurologists pay detailed attention to each patient’s complaint symptoms, and review past medical records. As a team, we attain the most suitable using the most advanced techniques to achieve the highest level of recovery.
✓ Confidentiality
As ethics of our practice, we ensure that our patient’s records are secured and safe. You can trust us to keep your information secure!

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